Tips For Traveling To Mexico – All You Need To Know

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Many people have had a bad impression of Mexico, seeing it as a very unsafe place to visit. Some even think that everyday Mexican life is full of gang fights, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

All this misinformation has hindered people from noticing all the good Mexico has to offer. Well, Mexico despite all that has been said about it, is a wonderful place to visit, with great tourist attractions, a beautifully diverse culture, and great history.

The government plays its part in ensuring that those places that tourists love to visit are well secure and guided.

Do you plan to visit Mexico now, now, or in the future? This article will focus on some tips for traveling to Mexico, which will help you get ready and stay safe once there.

Best Travel Tips For Visiting Mexico

Carefully Pick Out A Destination

The Mexican state department has done its best in assisting you on this issue. They have Mapped out all states in Mexico, according to their level of threat. Areas on levels one and two are places safe to visit. These palaces include San Miguel, De Allende, the Riviera Maya, and so on. Other areas listed on levels three and four, are places either to be visited with cushion, or not to be visited at all. Such places include Guerrero, Guadalajara, and so on. If you follow all the Mexican state department’s information, you will be on your way to a successful visit to Mexico.

Register Your Travel With The Mexican State Department

This department is also known as STEP (Smarts travel enrollment program). Registering with them will enable you to receive updates concerning your travel, and will also enable the Mexican state department to keep track of the trip, and come to your rescue promptly if need be.

Also remember to keep handy, the contact information of the closest consulate of your country, in case of any emergency.

I will also recommend that you get travel insurance that can cover any medical emergencies, theft, and any other mishaps that could happen. Doing this will make your visit enjoyable and with little stress.

Log Only At All-Inclusive Resorts And Cruises

Unlike regular resorts, all-inclusive, allows only your guests and employees inside gated areas. It also gives you access to well guarded and secure ports, allowing only those you invited aboard.

It is also advisable you consume only drinks that are bottled or caned. This precaution is a result of the incidents that occurred in three dozen all-inclusive resorts.

In those resorts, a tainted alcoholic beverage was served, which sent hundreds to the hospital and others dead.

Though this issue seems to have been resolved, I steel advise you to drink only beverages that are bottled or caned.

Monitor What You Consume

Vacation is a time to relax and have fun. It is not a time to be spent on a toilet bowl or in a clinic, due to food poisoning.

So my advice to you is that you take extra precautions and watch what you consume, either solid or liquid. This means that you drink only properly filtered water. I recommend even, that you only drink water that is properly sealed in a bottle.

The Center for Disease Control, recommends that you eat only foods that are hot and properly cooked. Avoid eating cold salads or raw vegetables that may be washed with bad water, or served with contaminated hands.

Ensure to also wash your hands regularly and use disinfectant or a hand sanitizer.

Update All Vaccines And Ensure Bring Medication

This is also a bit of advice from the CDC. They recommend you get a hepatitis A Vaccine, to protect against foods and drinks that may be contaminated.

They also recommend that you get a vaccine for typhoid. This applies most especially to adventurous eaters and those visiting rural areas in Mexico.

Also ensure to carry antibiotics and any other medications you might need, for a personal health condition.

And if unfortunately, you get sick, please ensure to consume plenty of water to avoid dehydration or a visit to the hospital for IV treatment.

Pack A Copy Of Your Credit Cards And Passport

If this is not possible, ensure you have them photographed and saved on your cellphone.

Make sure you monitor all credit and debit card transactions, to catch any fraudulent charges or withdrawals.

This will ensure that you don’t get stranded or arrested for inability to pay for your reservation or any other services that may have been rendered.

Leave Expensive Accessories At Home

Showing off expensive watches and jewelry may seem fun, but it is also an invitation to be relieved of your possession of it.

So, ensure you leave all expensive and flashy accessories home, locked in a protective safe.

Also remember to dress simple, in a way that will not draw undue attention to you. Following these instructions will help keep you safe and well blended in with the environment.

This will help you enjoy your visit, and avoid unwanted trouble.

Always Stay Sober

Travel tips for Mexico

This is the last and very important tip. Mexican is known for its wines, alcoholic beverages, and drinks.

One very popular alcohol is tequila. This is by far the most famous drink in the whole of Mexico and is often taking to show manliness and strength. Don’t consume much of this liquid because it could bring you down and a real hangover in the morning.

You could also be mugged or even killed if you get involved with the wrong people while high on this substance.

To enjoy your trip to Mexico, ensure you stay alert and do not engage In any practice that could harm both your health and your life.

This article has given some helpful tips on safety measures to take before traveling to Mexico and while In Mexico. Some of them include

  • Carefully picking outa destination.
  • Log only in all-inclusive resorts and cruises.
  • Monitor what you eat.
  • Update all vaccines and bring medication and
  • Always stay sober.

Following all these tips without skipping over any, will ensure that you not only enjoy your trip but have great experiences to share with families and friends.


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