The Ultimate Guide to Travelling to New Zealand

New zealand travel guide

Over the years, New Zealand has lived up to its name as the world’s adventure capital. Tourists have a lot to enjoy from the rich culture, beautiful aesthetics, food, and wine.

On the flipside, fun-seeking in this beautiful country can be frustrating if you are not informed. New Zealand has some peculiarities, and it would be great if you had help planning your trip to the wonderland.

If you want to have lasting memories in New Zealand, follow this travel guide and also share with your friends.

What Is The Best Time To Visit New Zealand?

Skyline Luge, Queenstown New Zealand travel tips
Skyline Luge, Queenstown

There’s no bad time to visit New Zealand. Every season, there’s always something to look out for. But if you are not visiting for a specific reason, it is best to visit New Zealand in October/November. Also, March/April is one of the preferable times to sight-see. You are probably curious to know why these months are special. Well, it’s because the times mentioned above have pleasant weather. Also, there’s less crowd, and you get a wholesome experience with lower prices.

On the other hand, you might be a snow sports lover. Make arrangements to visit the South Island in June/July. The temperature can be as low as -10°C.

Transportation in New Zealand

Wellington Cable Car New Zealand travel tips
Wellington Cable Car

The cheapest way to move around in New Zealand is by bus. With as low as 3 NZD, you can get to your destination within the city. In fact, you can hop on a bus to the city nearest to you. And if you like, you can opt for the backpacker tours. These bus services offer flexible options to commute around the cities. You can also capture the beauty of New Zealand through the big windows on the trains. But you have to be time-conscious if you choose this option because the schedules are limited. Campervans are best during winter.

Safety Is Crucial

Herds of sheep on the hill New Zealand travel tips
Herds of sheep on the hill

Security is a top priority for every traveller. Thankfully, New Zealand is one of the safest countries for tourists globally. It doesn’t matter that you are a solo traveller or a female traveller; you are offered the same protection as the average citizen. However, you cannot be too careful. There are precautionary measures you should take. Be watchful, take notice of your surroundings, and don’t be careless with your personal belongings.

You should also be aware that natural disasters occur in New Zealand. Therefore, you should follow the Red Cross tips on coping with tsunamis and earthquakes. Contact the quick response team in cases of emergencies by dialling 111.

Travelling Expenses

Mount Eden, Auckland New Zealand travel tips
Mount Eden, Auckland

Never place all your trust in credit cards when coming to New Zealand. Ensure that cash is readily available too. Credit cards are accepted in most cities and towns. But you might need to deposit cash in remote areas. 

Regarding accommodation, the cost depends on your preference. There are hostels everywhere if you don’t want to spend much money. For 30 NZD, you can get a decent dorm to stay. Expectedly, hotels cost more. The cheapest hotels go for about 80 NZD. Airbnb and Campground go for 65 NZD and 15 NZD respectively per night.  

Tourists Can Work In New Zealand

New Zealand work visa application New Zealand travel tips
New Zealand work visa application

It is common to see New Zealand tourists extend their stay. Many people want to enjoy more adventure time. The chances are that such might be your reality. And, of course, that is not a big deal. But if you need some cash to supplement your finances, you’ve got to find a job.

New Zealand permits tourists to take up casual work. As long as you have some paperwork, you can work tourism-related jobs. Professional jobs are also available if you have the necessary qualifications and skills.

How Long Does It Take To Fly To New Zealand?

The Southern Alps of the South Island near Queenstown Airport New Zealand travel tips
The Southern Alps of the South Island near Queenstown Airport

New Zealand is located in Oceania, making it a long way from home. If you are coming from the US, 12 hours is the standard time to reach New Zealand by air. The UK and Europe also share this timeframe. Asians will get to New Zealand faster in 9 hours.

Most flights head directly to Auckland. Others, however, taxi at Queenstown, Wellington, and Christchurch.

To Sum Up

New Zealand is a perfect getaway location with beautiful scenery, rugged mountains, and magnificent beaches. However, you should be wary of the weather conditions at all times. Wear your sunglasses and winter jackets accordingly.  


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