Safest Countries Open to Travel During Covid

Safest Countries Open to Travel During Covid

Which country do you want to travel to in 2021? Each year, we all want a safe place to travel, but some things might hinder our travel if it is not properly organized. Recently, traveling has not been an easy thing to do, and there are lots of protocols that need to be because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, so many countries have halted some or all international travel, but here is the good news: things are beginning to fall in place this 2021, many countries are making plans to re-open travel. This temporary restriction is based on a thorough risk assessment, taking into account into country’s context and how to follow strictly the social measures on how to prevent the pandemic from spreading further.

During this pandemic, there is a need to be fully vaccinated for our travel not to be delayed, but for those that are not fully vaccinated, there are things we will consider before discussing the safest countries that are open to travel during covid. This includes:

  •  For unvaccinated people
  • People to contact during travel
  • Accommodation before you proceed to travel
  • Countries Open to travel during covid

For Unvaccinated People

Whichever means of travel (plane, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation), It is required to wear a mask, which covers your nose and mouth.

Crowds should be avoided and maintain at least 6 feet apart from others that are not traveling with you.

Hands should be properly washed regularly with hand sanitizer( that contains over 60% alcohol).

People To Contact During Travel

  • Safer

Your household is those that are likely to come in contact with few people that have been fully vaccinated can also be among those to contact.

  • Less safe

People who are not from your household and are unvaccinated should be less close to you.

  • Avoid

The Crowd.

Accommodation Before You Proceed To Travel

There is a need to check your accommodations covid19 prevention before you travel to any country.

  • Safer

Having Accommodation in a fully vaccinated family member or a friend’s ⅝home and staying in a fully vaccinated household house.

  • Less safe

Visit an unvaccinated family member and renting houses to people who are not fully vaccinated.

  • Avoid

Spaces and bathroom facilities should not be shared with different people.

Having all these in check will show that we are ready for our travel to any country. So here are the countries open to travel.

Countries Open to Travel During Covid

Costa Rica

Rio Celeste Waterfall, Costa Rica Countries Open to Travel During Covid
Rio Celeste Waterfall, Costa Rica

This is a very safe country to travel to. It has the lowest covid 19 fatality rates in Latin America. Travelers can feel a sense of confidence when they travel to this place because its government has been recognized how they have successfully managed and contained the virus. But, it is essential for all that wants to travel to meet up the requirements.

You will be happy to know that with clean and renewable energy, Costa Rica plans to achieve complete decarbonization by 2050. Isn’t that amazing? They also became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage, which shows that all types of travelers are welcomed to this place. There are lots of exciting openings in Costa Rica that you don’t want to miss.

New Zealand

Lupine flower at Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand
Lupine flower at Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best countries that incredibly dealt with covid. They have made out a different list on how to avoid the spread of this pandemic and how to undergo a safe trip. New Zealand has excellent outdoors and isolated escapes, which makes it perfect for those traveling during this re-open.

There is a beautiful lure in New Zealand, and it is the only place you can experience all four seasons in one day.


Giza Pyramid at Cairo, Egypt
Giza Pyramid at Cairo, Egypt

This country represents a very good value for travelers. It is filled with astonishing exhibitions, including one that showcases all artifact that is found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun. This country is filled with inspiring ancient histories. It is a safe place to be.


Idyllic Irish Scenery
Idyllic Irish Scenery

This is a very safe and beautiful country. It has stunning areas that can be visited. Single trip. You will find different and wonderful experiences when you travel to Ireland. It is beautified with a wild landscape and great stargazing. WorldsGenealogy Butler has made the Shelbourne their home.

Ireland has recently been opened with a multi-million euro refurbishment. This was used to renovate the bar. And guests are now able to have a Pleasants experience that allows them to curate a personal spa treatment.


Sunset at Port Charcot, Antarctica
Sunset at Port Charcot, Antarctica

This is a very beautiful country. It is n awesome to consider this place among your bucket list of trips. You will be opportune to explore the White Continent, and throughout your trip, there will be features of glaciologists, biologists, and environmentalists on board.

There is also an Indagare that will run trips on the ship. This ship is constructed fantastically. It has a two-engine helicopter, a spa, a polar boutique that is stocked with the best cold weather trip gear, spacious suites, and a sauna. You will not want to miss something awesome like this.

South Africa

Kruger national park, South Africa
Kruger national park, South Africa

This is the best of all worlds, and this is a lively country that you will want to soil traveling to. You will enjoy city life, safari, and vineyard, all in one trip. It has a beautifully designed scene, dynamic food, and historical sites.

There are lots of well infrastructure hotels in South Africa. Lounging at this hotel is safe when you strictly follow the instructions. It offers a luxury three-house escape for sleeping under the stars, and guests can live, work and play in the center of cape Town. South Africa is a lovely country to travel to.


You can safely enjoy your travel to any of the listed above countries. All you need to do is to obey the instructions before proceeding with your travel to these countries. Make sure you are fully vaccinated before embarking on any journey, then be sure of a successful trip. We hope you have an enjoyable trip to one of these countries that just opened during this Covid period.


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