Places to Visit in Seattle, WA that You should miss!

Places to Visit in seattle, WA

Seattle is nestled on a narrow isthmus between the glittering seas of Puget Sound and Lake Washington, making it one of the most scenic cities in the United States. It is termed the Emerald City, as huge forests and snow-capped mountains surround it. It also includes a slew of parks scattered across its skyscraper-studded central business district and different neighborhoods.

Seattle is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a plethora of tourist attractions. The city is recognized for its counterculture scene, its birthplace of Amazon and Starbucks, and its numerous coffee shops and microbreweries. Seattle is one of the best destinations to visit in the Pacific Northwest, with renowned structures and architectural marvels to admire beside a beautiful waterfront. Below are the top list of Places to Visit in Seattle, WA that You should miss!

Explore Fun at its peak while on the Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel Places to Visit in Seattle
Seattle Great Wheel

The colossal Seattle Great Wheel soars over the city’s waterfront, offering stunning vistas of the city’s skyline and glistening Puget Sound, as well as the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

The Ferris wheel, which opened in 2012 at Pier 57, is the tallest attraction of its kind on the West Coast, standing just over 53 meters tall. Guests may enjoy panoramic views in all directions from the glass gondolas, with sunset being a particularly memorable time of day to ride. The Great Wheel, which has become practically associated with Seattle’s refurbished waterfront, is certainly worth checking out if you get the chance.

Engage your Friend with Creative Fremont Public Sculptures

Scattered around Seattle’s artsy district of Fremont are some outstanding public sculptures, the most notable of which is a giant concrete troll. Around ten of the stunning artworks may be found in total, along with countless additional murals, statues, and even neon light installations across the neighborhood.

However, the majority of visitors come to see the magnificent Fremont Troll, which is located beneath the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge. The Fremont was Commissioned in 1990; the now-iconic sculpture’s distinctive style and surroundings were inspired by Scandinavian folklore, with the 5.5-meter-tall troll also holding a genuine Volkswagen Beetle.

Magical Moments Waiting to be Unlocked at Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum Places to Visit in Seattle
Seattle Art Museum

The magnificent Seattle Art Museum, which houses a sizable collection of artworks, is located in the heart of the city. While it is well recognized for its enormous collection of Native American artifacts, it also features Renaissance portraits and paintings, decorative art, and Northwest furniture.

Since its founding in 1933, the museum’s collection has grown significantly and today includes about 26,000 artworks worldwide. Along with African, Islamic, and Oceanic art, it features contemporary works by American artists and offers temporary exhibitions regularly.

Lot of Fun at the Discovery Park

Discovery Park Places to Visit in Seattle
Discovery Park

The lovely Discovery Park, which occupies the western extremity of the Magnolia peninsula, sprawls across an enormous area. Originally a vast military zone, the government converted it to a park in 1973. Its picturesque beaches, dunes, and meadows are extremely popular with both locals and tourists today.

The city’s largest public park comprises miles of gorgeous coastline and unspoiled forest. It is an excellent location for spotting local wildlife. Along with relaxing on its dunes and staring out over Puget Sound, the beach features about twenty kilometers of hiking paths that pass by historic buildings and lead to the picturesque West Point Lighthouse.

Discovered the Amazing View of Seattle at Sky View Observatory

Sky View Observatory Places to Visit in Seattle
Sky View Observatory

Although the Great Wheel reaches a great height, it, along with Seattle’s iconic Space Needle, is overshadowed by the Columbia Center, the state’s tallest structure. Visitors may take in unmatched views from the 73rd level of the 284-meter-tall building, amazingly the highest public viewing platform west of the Mississippi River.

Along with the building, the Sky View Observatory debuted in 1985 and today provides just breathtaking 360-degree views of Seattle and its environs. Apart from Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains, the towering Mount Rainier and the considerably smaller Space Needle are visible.

Baseball Fans can have their Fun at T-Mobile Park

In contrast to several other parks, T-Mobile Park is primarily used for baseball games rather than art installations and natural areas. The gleaming stadium, located just south of the center, is home to Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners, with games being action-packed and exciting spectacles.

Primarily regarded as one of the most beautiful ballparks in the United States, it features retro-modern architecture with a retractable roof and a colossal scoreboard. Apart from the hall of fame and museum, the stadium is littered with public artworks and statues. Additionally, its seats provide spectacular views of the pitch as well as the distant mountains.

Make your vacation a difference by visiting the Woodland Park Zoo

 Woodland Park Zoo
Woodland Park Zoo

When in town, a popular attraction is the award-winning Woodland Park Zoo, which is home to an incredible variety of animals from all over the world. Located adjacent to Green Lake Park in North Central Seattle, this vast property features many ecological exhibits.

Since its establishment many years ago as a modest menagerie, the zoo’s collection has grown significantly and includes over 300 distinct species today. Along with jaguars and grizzlies, visitors can see Malayan tigers, gorillas, and Indian rhinos, as well as rare birds and nasty crawlies.

Discover the Beauty of Colors at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Another city’s biggest attraction, the Chihuly Garden and Glass, is located almost directly beneath the Space Needle. Offering an enthralling glimpse into the life and work of Dale Chihuly, a local sculptor, the museum’s halls are brimming with the internationally known artist’s vibrant and inventive glass creations.

Since its 2012 debut at the Seattle Center, the astounding display has been a perennial favorite of both locals and tourists. While strolling through the site, you’ll come across stunning glassworks of varying sizes, shapes, and colors, with the site’s undisputed centerpiece being the light-filled glasshouse and its captivating display.

Seattle Aquarium – A place to Explore the Underwater World

The magnificent Seattle Aquarium is a pleasant and family-friendly attraction located on Pier 59 along the city’s waterfront. Its massive aquaria, tanks, and pools are teeming with shimmering shoals of vibrant fish, as well as harbor seals, otters, and puffins.

Since its inception in 1977, this place has been a popular destination for locals and tourists due to its fascinating exhibits on the Pacific Northwest’s incredible marine life. Tourists can touch sea cucumbers and sea urchins in the tidal tank, in addition to witnessing salmon and starfish, sea horses, and sharks. However, its crowning achievement is the colossal Window on Washington Waters aquarium, featuring daily dive shows.


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