Most Amazing Things To Do In Australia – Part 2

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Australia is known for its outstanding attractions and fascinating views. Spending some time in this part of the world can be memorable, especially as it offers a variety of fun activities for everyone, including young and old. This article contains a list of the best things that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Australia.

Fun things to do in Australia

Below are some of the amazing activities that you should not miss on your vacation to this continent.

Take a cruise ship to the Kimberley

Twin waterfalls on the King George River Things to do in Australia
Twin waterfalls on the King George River

The Kimberley, which seems to be the only true remaining wilderness area in the world, is a great place to visit. Taking a cruise ship is among the best and easiest ways to see this attraction. You will get close to the lush waterfalls, complex river systems, rocky shores, ochre-colored gorges, and secluded beaches as you enjoy luxury sleeping quarters and gourmet meals.

Have some thrilling water slides and roller coaster rides at the gold coast

 Intamin Gyro Swing at Dreamworld | Photo by Chris Richmond on Unsplash
 Intamin Gyro Swing at Dreamworld | Photo by Chris Richmond on Unsplash

The theme parks at the gold coast offer so much fun, including thrilling water slides, wildlife, and roller coaster rides. You can get a combination pass for Wet’n’Wild, Sea World, and Warner Bros Movie World. There are also several accommodation options with great proximity to the beaches of the Gold Coast.

Dine with your family at Uluru under the stars

Startrail at Uluru | Photo by Steven Wei on Unsplash
Startrail at Uluru | Photo by Steven Wei on Unsplash

Don’t miss the opportunity to have an intimate and unforgettable dining experience at Uluru. You can watch the beautiful sunset to the didgeridoo sound. From the top of a dune, you can savor a feast of degustation under the beautiful stars. The campfire can also tell you some interesting Dreamtime stories. You will enjoy your time here!

Visit the beach at Margaret River for a delicious gourmet feast

 the Western Australia Gourmet Escape | Photo by Travis Hayto
the Western Australia Gourmet Escape | Photo by Travis Hayto

Australia usually hosts food and wine festivals to celebrate Western Australia’s delight with pop-up events, celebrity chefs, delicious food and sweet wine, and cooking classes. So, join one of these festivals by attending the Western Australia Gourmet Escape. This event is always held in November each year. The best place to experience the happening is at Margaret River. There, you will find beautiful beaches, wineries, and restaurants to explore. You can fly to Busselton or rent a car and drive to Margaret River.

Go to Port Lincoln and dive with massive white sharks

Dive with massive white sharks at Port Lincoln
Dive with massive white sharks at Port Lincoln

Imagine yourself inside the water with a massive white shark. This experience is something that you will hardly forget. Adventure Bay Charters and Calypso Star Charters usually run daily shark tours to Neptune Island. Flight from Adelaide to this place takes about 50 minutes. A hose is used to feed air into the cage, so it is unnecessary to have any scuba experience. But if you still want to enjoy the great white shark without being in a cage, you are free to swim in the open ocean with the mild but massive whale sharks between March and August on Ningaloo Reef.


There is always something for everyone to do in Australia. So, when planning on where to spend your vacation, choosing Australia is never a bad option.


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