Lucky 7 Fascinating Attractions in Utah


There is so much to experience in Utah. You can go on hiking adventures or camp in lush areas that aren’t too heavily populated. With social distancing guidelines lessening at steady rates, it’s definitely nice to get away from your typical day-to-day activities now and then. Utah has plenty of activities that offer great times and unforgettable memories that still allow you to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Check out this list of activities to experience in Utah.

Sand Boarding At Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kanab

Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kanab Attractions in Utah
Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kanab

Navajo sandstones formed this intriguing state park with an eroded pinkish hue. These dunes are beyond beautiful enough to camp out and relax. However, if you do want to do a bit more than camp and hike while visiting, you can also go horseback riding, watch the wildlife, and even partake in sandboarding! While this state park is popular, you don’t have to worry about it being crowded; there’s so much space for everyone to enjoy their fun adventures!

Go Skiing

Ski Resorts in Salt Lake City
Ski Resorts Park City

Salt Lake City is known for having some of the best resorts. Whether you’re a novice skier or nearly pro, the ski resorts at Park city are second to none. Park City is also close to many other resorts if you would like to experience different scenic views or venues. There are year-round opportunities to have fun. You can check out the snow report online before heading out to the resort to make sure that you have an optimal amount of fun!

Visit the Homestead Crater

Yoga on the paddle board at the Homestead Crater
Yoga on the paddle board at the Homestead Crater

This wondrous hidden gem is home to a somewhat tucked away cave and mineral hot spring with temperatures between 90 and 95°F. The water is truly gem-colored and glistens with the sun. Upon arrival, you will see why this crater is so well regarded. As a visitor, you can dive, swim or snorkel while visiting this destination. The Homestead Crater is also known for being one of the only warm water dive sites in the US. The crater continues to grow at a steady pace, allowing for more of its thousands of years old mineral walls to showcase itself.

Trek Through Snowbird’s Peruvian Tunnel

Snowbird's Peruvian Tunnel
Snowbird’s Peruvian Tunnel

If you’re wanting to cool down after taking a dip in the hot springs at the Homestead Crater, you don’t have to travel far. Snowbird’s Peruvian tunnel is the only ski tunnel in North America. The tunnel is less than 20 years old, and yet it pays plenty of homage to the area’s mining history with historical images and objects throughout the site. You can enjoy the snow and learn a thing or two while trekking through this outdoor tunnel.

View the House on Fire Ruin

 Fire Ruin
Fire Ruin

This canyon is truly remote and is great for experienced hikers and campers. The scenery is well-preserved and has so much history of Ancestral Puebloan architecture. Around mid-morning, when the sun hits just right, the rock appears to be a bright red, almost as if the ruin is on fire. But fear not, the ruin gained its name merely for its beautiful illusions of fire. This fascinating location guarantees an authentic southwest experience.

Experience Mill Creek

Mill Creek
Mill Creek

Although this creek is not too far from downtown Moab, it is excellent for those who like to go biking or four-wheeling for those who just want to take a pleasant, serene stroll through nature. It is also perfect for those who just want to get away and relax, especially after the hustle and bustle of downtown Moab. Don’t forget your binoculars because it is also a popular area for birdwatching!

Camp out at Antelope Island

 Antelope Island
Antelope Island

Finally, this destination is made especially for those who take much joy in camping. The night sky is beyond clear, which makes it perfect for stargazing when getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The island had to earn its name somehow, right? Antelope is home to many free-ranging animals such as bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and of course, antelope! This park is open year-round and can be fun for all regardless of your age or background.

Utah has plenty of activities and locations that all can enjoy. The places on this list are fun for the entire family or great date night activities. Utah is home to many sites that provide visitors with unforgettable experiences and hidden gems. This list offers remote and tranquil experiences without having to worry about overcrowding or any type of hassle.


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