Exciting Times Ahead At The Acadia National Park

Exciting Times Ahead At The Acadia National Park

Search The Acadia National Park on Google Maps and see what a 49,000-acre park looks like. From the diverse textures and colors brought by the different seasons, this paradise on earth can be marketed as a place to relax and enjoy nature. Despite being popular for its calming characteristics, here are some of the best things to do in Acadia National Park.


Picnic Area at Schoodic Peninsula © NPS.gov Photo Things to do at Acadia National Park
Picnic Area at Schoodic Peninsula © NPS.gov Photo

Having a picnic is allowed in the six areas of the park. Five of them are located in Mount Desert Island and one in Schoodic Peninsula. All of them are accessible, have dedicated fireplaces, and an available restroom. These picnic areas are on a first-come-first-serve basis and groups of over 30 will need a permit.

Walking tours

Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond

Enjoy walking while being serenaded by the sounds of nature, as the park has plenty of trails for different age groups. With this activity, explore Carriage Road – an area in the park that is off-limits to motor cars. As a gift by the philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. And his family, this 45-mile road has a rich history where only bikes, carriage, and pedestrians are allowed. Go with your pets as the Acadia National Park is considered to be one of the pet-friendly national parks in the US.


View from Cadillac Mountain at the Acadia National Park
View from Cadillac Mountain at the Acadia National Park

Totaling to over 150 miles of trails, enjoy trails that are in the forest, along the rocky coastlines, or on mountain tops. It has various difficulties ranging from the easy to the difficult ones, but the majority are for beginners. The hikes are categorized into three: Summit Hikes that can bring you to the top of the mountain, Coastal Hikes that lets you see the bodies of water in the park, and the Lake and Forest Hikes. Those who can’t do this activity can drive all the way to the Cadillac mountain, and see the amazing beauty of nature in one of the highest areas of the park.

Wildlife viewing

A Seal in the Acadia National Park
A Seal in the Acadia National Park

Whether for photography or just wanting to witness the wildlife, the park gives an opportunity for visitors to get up close with animals. There are many wild animals that are in their natural habitat, therefore there are etiquette and safety rules to follow. Always keep your distance, stay on the walking trails (to avoid disturbing the animals), feeding not allowed, and apple extra caution when driving especially at dawn or night time. Some areas also give visitors an opportunity to go bird watching.


Starry Night at the Acadia National Park
Starry Night at the Acadia National Park

Looking for something more peaceful to do? The Acadia National Park has clear and bright night skies that are perfect to explore science while getting in touch with nature. There are dedicated areas for camping in the park, so you can look at the stars all night long. As of writing, the five locations within the park that is perfect for this activity are Cadillac mountain, Seawall, Jordan Pond, Ocean Path, and Sand Beach. Make sure to check the weather before proceeding to ensure the best views and experience.

Kids Activities

A child with a net catching a crab at the Acadia National Park
A child with a net catching a crab at the Acadia National Park

The park is not just for adults who are either looking for a time to relax or engage in adrenaline-packed activities. Kids can also enjoy the park especially by attending some of the festivals held in the area. The National Junior Day that is usually held every April holds outdoor events where even families can enjoy. Another festival, Eek of Ecology, is a combination of Halloween festivities and ecosystem explorations assisted by park rangers. It happens in October of every year and offers fun and safe learning for children.

Water Activities

Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond

As the park is surrounded by water, it is not short to have fun activities. Head on to Boulder Beach to witness one of the most beautiful places to witness the golden sunrise in the US. Looking for a place to relax near the water? Walk to the Jordan Pond to hear the calming sound of the water while looking at the birds. Of course, boating, swimming, and tide pooling can be done but might require a permit.

Singles, couples, and even families will never get bored in this national park. It is recommended to download the National Service Parks app to stay updated and get more information regarding the things to do in the Acadia National Park.


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