The Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas is part of the Caesars family, which includes a total of fourteen different hotels around the world.  Many of those hotels are in Las Vegas, but every traveler can experience a few of the others as they continue to visit other destinations.

This hotel can be found closer to the newer end of The Strip, but it is still close enough to the center where guests can easily walk in either direction and get to where they want to go in a short amount of time.  Everyone will find that the atmosphere inside this hotel is romantic, yet electric, during the day and at night.  However, the nighttime brings a slightly different ambiance, as the lights turn on outside and the Eiffel Tower lights up to illuminate the nighttime sky.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel Nighttime sky

Accommodations at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Guests can choose to stay in a guest room or suite during their visit and each one includes European décor complete with Versailles type fixtures and luxurious touches.  While every room offers elegance and all the comforts of home, guests who choose to stay in the higher-end suites will find themselves soaking in oversized bathtubs with chandeliers dangling overhead.

Every guest will find that concierge service is no further than a phone call away, even if they are staying in the most basic room.  The concierge is always more than happy to assist everyone when it comes to arranging tours, finding tickets to shows, making appointments at the spa, arranging for transportation, and even making reservations for dinner.

Restaurants at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel

There are at least fifteen different restaurants inside this hotel, which means that travelers will find exactly what they want to eat during their stay.  This is obviously where everyone will find the best French cuisine in the city, but no one should discount the burgers, pasta, and sushi that can be found at some of the restaurants.

Those visitors who have no clue what they want to eat will want to try Le Village Buffet, which offers cuisine from all over the world, as well as the five different regions of France.  Everyone is encouraged to take a little bit of everything and then go back up for more of what they love.  Before leaving though, diners must enjoy at least one macaroon, as those are the buffet’s specialty.

Crepes can be found almost everywhere in Las Vegas, which is perfect for those travelers who want something amazing to eat.  However, no one makes them better than La Creperie at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.  Guests can choose from sweet or savory, depending on their mood and whether this is serving as a meal or simply just a snack or dessert.  Everyone can choose their own fillings, or they can simply order an option that is listed on the menu.  The choices are endless, and everyone will find themselves returning for more before they leave.

Things to Do While at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel

There is so much for guests to do while they are staying at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, although the options may make them miss some of the other fascinating activities on The Strip.  Guests must take the time to ride up to the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower to see sweeping panoramic views of both The Strip and the rest of the surrounding area.  While these views are amazing during the day, they are quite different at night, when all the lights in the city are on and the Bellagio fountain is lit up as the water is dancing.  Therefore, most people will want to ride up to the top twice during their stay, so that they appreciate both views.

No guest will be able to resist swimming in the pool that is conveniently located on two acres of the rooftop.  Everyone will find themselves relaxing with the Parisian gardens surrounding the pool and the Café du Parc only steps away with delectable cuisine and cold cocktails.

The casino is a popular place to be inside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and guests can play everything from the slots to any number of the table games.  As people try to hit the jackpot, they will be amazed at how it feels like they are in the middle of Paris, as the walls, ceilings, and floors were created to look like the streets of this famous city.

There are too many shows and performances to count in Las Vegas, but some of the best can be found at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.  Guests can watch magic being performed one night, listen to dueling pianos the next, and laugh till they can’t breathe at Jeff Civillico’s comedy show later in the week.

Guests will thoroughly enjoy the time that they spend at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and it is pretty much guaranteed that they will never want to leave to return home.