Comfortable Stay with Your Lovely Pet in Seattle, WA

Comfortable Stay with Your Lovely Pet in Seattle, WA

Seattle has a lot to offer the epicure and aesthete, whether you’re sipping fine coffee or feasting on freshly caught Pacific salmon. However, staying in one of the city’s more opulent hotels does not require you to leave your dogs at home. Many of Seattle’s most famous homes offer pet-friendly regulations, regardless of how huge your companion is.

Boutique Options

The Alexis Pet-friendly hotels in Seattle
The Alexis

Choose one of Seattle’s two A Kimpton Hotels; The Alexis ( or the Monaco ( for a boutique luxury hotel that welcomes pets ( Both hotels welcome pets and give doggie beds, water dishes, and pet goodies upon arrival. Neither hotel has any restrictions on the size, weight, or number of dogs allowed per room. Furthermore, the two hotels provide dog-sitting and grooming services. Guests who miss their aquatic companions can have a complimentary goldfish delivered to their room at the Monaco. Both hotels also offer pet-related concierge services that can point you in the direction of pet-friendly stores.

 the Monaco Pet-friendly hotels in Seattle
the Monaco

For Smaller Pets, Only

the Hotel 1000 Pet-friendly hotels in Seattle
the Hotel 1000

A poodle in your arms may not raise the brow of a porter at some of the ritzier hotels, but a pair of great Danes may. Small pets are welcome at the Hotel 1000 ( and the Four Seasons Seattle ( Pets weighing 40 pounds or fewer are welcome at the Hotel 1000 for a one-time cleaning fee. The Four Seasons Seattle welcomes pets weighing 20 pounds or fewer and limits visitors to two pets per room. Instead of paying a pet fee, guests must sign a release acknowledging responsibility for any harm caused by their pets. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel ( has a weight limit as well, allowing guests to bring pets weighing up to 15 pounds for free.

the Four Seasons Seattle  Pet-friendly hotels in Seattle
the Four Seasons Seattle

Big Dogs Welcome

the Sorrento
the Sorrento

A couple of Seattle’s finest hotels also welcome larger breeds: the W Hotel ( Seattle and the Sorrento ( have no weight or size restrictions. Guests at the W Hotel pay a one-time fee and a nightly fee to bring their dogs, with no restrictions on pet size or number of animals per room. There is no pet fee, size restrictions, or limit on the number of pets allowed in a guest room at the Sorrento.

 the W Hotel
the W Hotel

General Considerations

Though you can normally anticipate attentive and sympathetic service from luxury and boutique hotels, bringing pets with you can create a unique set of conditions and potentially pose problems. To ensure a seamless stay, notify the hotel as soon as you make the reservation that you will be bringing dogs and clarify your condition at check-in. Because some hotels only have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms available, this will ensure you get the right room. At check-in, you may be given complimentary pet items such as water bowls or snacks, as well as the opportunity to sign any appropriate papers. However, keep in mind that many hotels forbid pets from particular sections of the property, including the lobby; confirm the policy details before showing up at the front desk with your pet in your arms.


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