Best Places to Visit in Indianapolis

Best Places to Visit in Indianapolis

An underrated city in the U.S., Indianapolis should definitely be on your holiday checklist. There are a thousand and one attractions in Indianapolis, but we have outlined the FIVE best places to have a memorable holiday.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

What is a trip to Indianapolis without visiting the infamous home to the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400?

Spend your holidays seeing live speed monster cars, motorcycles, and vehicles that have set global speed records. There are tour guides to walk you through the speedway, helping you savor the pulsating and exciting thrill of the environment. What’s more? You can even ride in one of the speed monsters for a fee, and you would definitely have a great time regardless of whether you are a sports fan or not.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis Museum of Art Places to Visit in Indianapolis
Indianapolis Museum of Art

 If you are looking for an enthralling atmosphere with less adrenaline rush, you should visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art. There are several massive, beautiful sculptures, paintings, murals, and rare works of art. With over 150 acres of ground arranged to exhibit thousands of collections, there is undoubtedly something to catch your interest and your travel partner(s), if any.

There are trained docents per section who are there to tell you about the history and worth of these artifacts. A visit to this museum is priceless, and you wouldn’t want to trade the experience for another. If you do visit Indianapolis, do well to check it out.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis  Places to Visit in Indianapolis
Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

 If you are visiting with kids, you should definitely blow their minds with a trip to the world’s largest museum. It is an exciting atmosphere for all, and even adults can have a lot of fun with the thrills of the Kids’ Museum.

It’s not just fun; it is informative and educative. Away from schoolwork, it could really help kids get more insight into archaeological history, culture, and science topics. Its gigantic, sculpted dinosaurs are particularly reminiscent of the Jurrasic Park movies. These will help your children understand the history that dates back to nearly a hundred million years ago. There are also other fun attractions that make the experience colorful for children. Although it is one of the priciest destinations in Indianapolis, it would surely leave your children begging to stay.

The Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo  Places to Visit in Indianapolis
Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis zoo is a perfect destination for a family picnic. They have engaged in Wildlife conservation for over 50 years, and you can find different species of animals from different continents at the Indianapolis zoo.

The zoo creates a natural atmosphere with all animals in their natural habitat, and tourists can take the time to witness wild animals from inches away in a glass demarcation, feed some animals like giraffes, get close to hippopotamuses, go in the water with dolphins, and even interact with the intelligent orangutans.

The zoo also has a vast botanical garden, covering over 3 acres. This enables you to see rare, beautiful flowers and plants that you do not see in your everyday garden. There are also giant-sized aquariums for your pleasure, to see various sea animals in their natural habitat and feeding ecosystem.

The experience is not only fun, but it is exciting and educative for young and old. It is one of a kind, and if you would be visiting Indianapolis, you should visit their website and get some tickets in advance.

Central Canal

Central Canal in Evening Places to Visit in Indianapolis
Central Canal in Evening

Of course, the Central Canal makes the 5th destination on our list. The ancient industrial waterway is now a great spot to enjoy the freshness of nature while walking, cycling, or paddling along the central canal. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money here, apart from the rent costs of bicycles and paddleboats, yet you can have a fun experience.

It is also excellent for sightseeing while walking or paddling through the canal, as you will pass through several historical buildings and even the 9/11 Memorial. The canal is great for an inexpensive, relaxed experience.

There are several other attraction spots in Indianapolis, but these top the list for us. Ensure to make the most of your trip to Indianapolis, and have a lot of fun.

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