Activities that You Can Do in Portland

Portland, Maine, USA downtown cityscape.

Apart from being the most populous city in the state of Maine, Portland has a rich historic background. As a result, you can do a number of things while you are in the city. But before suggesting to you the things to do I would suggest you take a day for getting into the vibe of the city. Stroll around spend some time in a local park and once you are in the mood, its go time: 

1. Visiting Casco Bay Islands

Portland Head lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth
Portland Head lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth

Casco Bay Islands are a group of small Islands that offer a number of activities. These activities include Hiking, Swimming, and much more. You can spend a half or full day on these Islands. They are accessible through ferries all over the year and also have Parks, Gardens, and Shopping Areas.  

2. Eating at the Old Port  

The old port, a district of Portland, Maine Things to do in Portland
The old port, a district of Portland, Maine

The old port is that part of the downtown area that you do not want to miss. It is considered to be the heart of the city that even though is the hustle spot for many but also represents the cultural heritage of the area. The streets are made up of cobblestone and feature several 19th century warehouses. Some of the most popular restaurants are also situated in the area and tourists can enjoy several views while enjoying their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

3. Brewery Tours 

Portland is considered to be one of the finest beers producing cities in the United States. Not only does the city meet its local demand but also entertains all tourists that crave for a good beer. The city consists of 20 microbrewers apart from many other local brewers. A number of brewery tours are available as per the disposal of the tourists. Some breweries also offer their private tours. Some famous breweries include Allagash, Shipyard, and Sebago. Beer is an important part of the Portland culture, its not something worth missing.  

4. Sightseeing at the Portland Observatory 

the Portland Observatory
the Portland Observatory 

The observatory is an essential part of the city heritage. It was built in 1807 and is now the only signal tower standing in the city. It has an octagonal structure and is 86 foot high. Back in the days it acted as a communication station for the Portland Harbor. Captain Lemuel Moody controlled the tower and helped the ships to operate. Tourist really enjoy the views from the observatory as you can see almost the entire city especially the harbor. Observatory should be on your checklist as it is a view worthwhile and does not consume much time.  

5. Portland Museum of Art  

Portland Museum of Art
Portland Museum of Art  

Portland Museum is a museum that holds a very unique art collection. Apart from Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, and Winslow Homer the museum also has a collection of several European and American artists that were present in the 19th century. If art excites you, going to the museum will not be an experience that disappoints you. 


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