While many Vegas visitors spend their time on the infamous Strip, the savviest of them all will choose to stay off The Strip, approximately two and a half miles away.  The Old Downtown Vegas was booming back in the early 1900s, when casinos started popping up there.  However, once The Strip took over, the casinos in the Fremont area fizzled out over time.  There is good news though, and that is that everyone can find budget friendly hotel rooms that still offer some the fun that could be had way back when.

1 The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

The Golden Nugget is one of the oldest casinos in the city, and despite being open since 1946, there is still quite a bit of life left inside. There are 1,914 rooms for travelers to choose from for their stay, once they manage to get past the smoke-filled lobby area. While some of the rooms are dated, and a few are smoky, most guests can make do, as long as they can get past the late-night noise that seems to always be present. The good news is that the casino is a decent size, the spa is relaxing, and one of the pools has a waterslide that goes through an intimidating shark tank. There are also a number of restaurants and bars to choose from.

2 The California Hotel and Casino
Hotel Lobby, The California Hotel and Casino

The California Hotel and Casino

Every room is cheap at the California Hotel and Casino, but the staff makes sure that they are also the cleanest ones in the industry. Visitors can choose from 781 rooms at this hotel just blocks away from the main area of Old Vegas, and while the rooms do not offer any luxurious amenities, they are still comfortable. Guests will enjoy the quiet gambling area the most, and some will be annoyed with the small pool and no access to a fitness center. The prices at the on-site restaurants are also cheap, which only goes to show that this hotel and casino is more focused on the amount of money people will spend gambling instead of on the money they can rake in on the rooms and the food. No one should stay here if they are looking for elegance, luxury, and noise.

3 Fremont Hotel and Casino
Fremont Hotel and Casino

Fremont Hotel and Casino

The Fremont Hotel and Casino is one of the closest options to the Fremont Experience, which is a massive entertainment area filled with LED lights, live entertainment, and a long zipline. The 447 rooms are small and there is no business center, fitness center, spa, or pool. Guests will breathe a sigh of relief though when they learn that they have access to the pool at the nearby California Hotel. There are plenty of restaurant options on-site, but most guests will find themselves dining at many of the places out on Fremont.

4 Main Street Station Hotel and Casino
Main Street Station Hotel and Casino

Main Street Station Casino Brewery and Hotel

It is all about the Old West at the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and guests will marvel at all the Victorian-era railcars and antiques from the 20th century that are scattered about the inside of the hotel. This is also where a huge chuck of the Berlin Wall can be found, as well as a snooker table that used to be owned by Winston Churchill. Inside the hotel and casino, guests will find chandeliers, vaulted ceilings, and stained-glass windows, however, they will also notice the missing pool, missing fitness center, and missing places to eat. Most guests only stay there for the cheap clean rooms, which they use to catch a few winks in between trips to the casinos.

5 Long Bar at The D Las Vegas
Long Bar at The D Las Vegas

The D Las Vegas

The D Las Vegas can be found on Fremont Street, right in front of the infamous Fremont Experience. Many people arrive at this hotel after they spot the long bar out front with the scantily dressed waitresses who serve the drinks. This bar sees the most action at night, when those same waitresses climb up onto the bar for a little dancing amongst the alcohol and drinkers. There are 638 rooms decked out in red and white, as well as two casinos. The older of the two offers penny slots, while the other has the more expensive slot machines and game tables.

6 Four Queens Hotel and Casino
Four Queens Hotel and Casino

Four Queens Hotel and Casino

There are four things that draws everyone to the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, and they are the cheap rooms, the traditional steakhouse, the location near the Fremont Experience, and the casino itself. There are 690 rooms, and while they are dated and quite basic, they perform what is needed. The downside to a night, or nights, in this hotel is that there is no pool, no fitness center, and no spa.

7 Casino at El Cortez Hotel and Casino
Casino at El Cortez Hotel and Casino

El Cortez Hotel and Casino

The Cabana Suites costs about as much as many of the standard rooms at other hotels in the same area, which is why it is a sought-after space at this establishment. This hotel and casino were constructed back in 1941, so there are a few quirks, especially when one sees that the inside hasn’t changed much since that time.

These are the best, and cheapest, hotels off the famous Strip, and while they are mostly no frills, they will allow any visitor to save some cash for everything else that they want to do during their time in Sin City.