5 Things to do in Florida

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With warm weather, good eats, a lively nightlife with an equally exciting daytime activity list, Florida has endless good times.

1. Swim with Mermaids

Mermaid at Weeki Wachee © Facebook Things to do in Florida
Mermaid at Weeki Wachee © Facebook

Enhance your typical Florida visit to the beach with a visit to an underwater theater. Weeki Wachee’s underwater theater hosts mermaid shows where you were able to witness the half-human half-fish perform their rendition of the little mermaid. They have the highest trained mermaids in the world and are decorated in bright sparkly uniforms. Run by a mermaid mayor, this town is known as one of the nation’s smallest cities come in at a mere population of only 12 people—and mermaids!  

2. Go to Disney World

Mickey Mouse Balloons
Mickey Mouse Balloons

If you visit Florida, it is only necessary that you visit Disney World! Everybody should experience the wonderful world of Disney at least once in their lifetime. With four theme parks and Disney Resort hotels, this Orlando theme park attraction has you covered on all bases. Each theme park has its own theme, including Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Disney World is huge, but its layout allows for easy navigation around the park.

3. Walk Alongside the Alligators

the Alligators at the Florida Everglades
the Alligators at the Florida Everglades

Not only is Florida known for its aquatic life it is also known for its wildlife. Take some time and visit the Florida Everglades. With so many attractions you won’t have enough time to visit them all in one visit. Let the adventurous side of you out as you see the alligators in Big Cypress National Preserve.

4. Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

the Ringling Museum.
the Ringling Museum

If you want to add a bit of culture to your life, add this to your bucket list: visit the Ringling Museum. Similar to the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Estates, this mansion pays respect to John and Mabel Ringling; that’s right, the American circus owners! This museum’s architecture is awe-inspiring from the moment you step on the property and throughout the manner. This day was restored in 1996 and was respectfully renovated for visitors to view and experience this work of art.

5. Lounge at the Local Resorts

The Grove Resort & Water Park Orlando
The Grove Resort & Water Park Orlando 

With so many vacation spots in Florida, you must stay at some of the best hotels; you might as well stay at an unforgettable resort! The resorts in Florida look to cater to your taste buds with plenty of healthy options, cuisine favored by the locals, and bars with festive drinks. Many of the Florida resorts are also located in or near the hottest tourist spots, perfect for daytime and nighttime activities.

There you have it; a shortlist of many things to do in Florida. This list of destinations and activities are beyond perfect for any first-time visitor or even a well-established Florida goer.


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