5 Incredibly fun and unique things you can do only on your London trip!

things to do in London

London is a world by itself. We daily discover in it more new countries, and surprising singularities, than in all the universe besides.” – No one has described London better than Thomas Brown in that quote. London, the caterpillar of Europe, the old city painted in new colors, always up and even a few steps ahead on all the new trends is every tourist’s dream!

And for a good reason, it is a unique, remarkably vivid, and surprisingly diverse city that has a lot to offer! If you are bored and want to explore and experience all the fun this city has to offer, worry not, we got you covered!

Here are 5 incredibly fun and unique things you can do only on your London trip:

Don’t cruise on the Thames, “fly” over it!

Emirates Air Line cable car Things to do in London
Emirates Air Line cable car

Tired of seeing the same sights everyone else does? Or want to explore and see London from different angles? Well, then this is the right thing for you! Emirates Air Line cable car allows you to glide high above the Thames and get a stunning view of the city from above! If you loved the London Eye, you will adore this even more. It departures from the Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks and you take a 5 to 10 minutes flight over the city and its famous river. Our recommendation is to take it in the afternoon, as the sun sets down, and add extra making to the already unforgettable experience!

Go on a food tour in Shoreditch – the cool, trendy side of London!

Street Art in Shoreditch | Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash
Street Art in Shoreditch | Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

Shoreditch is the trendiest, coolest part of London which currently offers some of the greatest, hottest nightlife spots in the city. The place where glass, luxury skyscrapers like Principal Tower meets the centuries’ old buildings, Shoreditch is the perfect place to explore and take unique pictures in. Often described as hipster’s heaven, it is a perfect mixture of culture and trends, and of course, you can’t leave it without visiting some of its uniquely themed bars and grabbing a drink! From salt beef bagel from Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery to Trapeze – a circus-themed bar serving drinks out of popcorn tub-style cups, the street market here is so diverse and popular that people here even offer you a street food tour!

Visit Shard – London’s biggest skyline!

Tower Bridge, view from The Shard
Tower Bridge, view from The Shard

Shard – The London’s skyline with its sleek, strange, yet striking structure, reminding us of a glassy futuristic pyramid! Designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano in 2012 and reaching incredible 244 meters from the ground, the Shard has everything from offices to homes, hotels, bars, and restaurants, all offering remarkable, alluring views over London. It is open every single day from 10 am to 10 pm and offers unique 360 ° of London city. You can attend the weekly silent disco on Saturday nights or visit some of its film screenings, or simply enjoy the view from the 72nd-floor sky deck with an open-air platform. 

Witness the Changing of the Guard Ceremony – Buckingham Palace!

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Right on the top of free tourist attractions in London that you can visit absolutely for free, the Changing of the Guard is an interesting tradition worth seeing; it occurs when the Queen’s Guard finishes their shift of guard watch and hands over the duty to the new guard. The entire ceremony is completed with marching on brass bands, followed by a lot of traditional elements; even though you can witness this ceremony in several locations, probably the most interesting and impressive one would be in front of Buckingham Palace. Of course, while you are there, you can always take a tour of Buckingham Palace as well!

Lose yourself in the beauty of nature that Kew Garden offers!

Kew Garden
Kew Garden

Known also as the Royal Botanic Garden, the Kew Gardens are exceptional and will leave you speechless for sure! Constantly being improved and updated, the gardens are an exceptional experience for all nature lovers. Queen Victoria has added the Queen’s Cottage and adjoining woodland to the already super green spaces with perfectly arranged flowers and fantastic architecture. Kew’s garden has a lot to offer from The Palm House to The Ultra-Modern Davies Alpine House, Temperate House, Princess of Wales Conservatory, Arboretum, The Japanese Collection: Chokushi-Mon and Minka House, Pagoda, and many stunning museums and art galleries! So make sure you buy your tickets in advance and prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind adventure!

If you are visiting London, spare a lot of time for exploring it because you will for sure lose track of time taking pictures of the vibrant streets, remarkable museums and incredible adventures this city has to offer!


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