4 Outdoor Swimming Spots in Vermont, USA

Mount Pisgah, Vermont

Vermont is home to some stunning swimming spots — and whether you’re looking for a traditional Vermont lake, placid pond, or calm stream, you’re sure to find your perfect swimming spot here.

I’ve highlighted some here which I think are particularly special.

Willoughby State Forest

Lake Willoughby State Park Swimming Spots in Vermont
Lake Willoughby State Park

This park is home to Lake Willoughby, a gorgeous body of water that’s perfect for swimming. Besides swimming, other activities at this state park include picnicking, hiking trails, fishing, and boating. Located in the Green Mountain National Forest, Lake Willoughby is known for its swimming and fishing. Its shallow waters make it a great lake for young swimmers to learn on.

Lake Morey State Park

Lake Morey State Park
Lake Morey State Park

This state park is in a prime location — directly across from Vermont’s western border with New Hampshire and just a short drive from the Canadian border. Here, you’ll find a lovely Knoll Pond near the entrance to the park. The pond is famous for its popularity as a skating spot by kids during the winter months (so long as it’s not too cold). But it can be a nice place for swimming as well in the summer.

Lake Champlain

Champlain Bridge
Champlain Bridge

Lake Champlain is a large body of freshwater that borders the state of Vermont. It’s a great place for swimming, boating, and fishing. Middlebury College Pond is located at Middlebury College and has five beach areas where you can enjoy the sun. Roaring Brook is a lovely place to swim on hot summer days because the mountain air naturally cools it. Bellows Falls Center Pond was once home to an amusement park with several pools for swimming, but today it contains only one pool open to visitors during certain days and hours.

Middlebury College Pond

Middlebury College Pond
Middlebury College Pond

The Middlebury College Pond is a body of water that has five different beach areas for swimming. This natural pond is used by students attending Middlebury College every year. It’s located on the western side of the campus and has been a popular summer destination for students since 1939. In addition to the beach, there are outdoor basketball courts, an outdoor tennis court, and a natural amphitheater called ‘Carpe Diem,’ for concerts and other activities. The beach/pool area is walled off from the main part of the lake and has its lifeguards on duty all summer long so swimmers can feel safe.

In summary, there are many great swimming spots in Vermont, USA. These are just a few of the top swimming spots that you can enjoy all summer long.


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